Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Stephen's Stovetop BBQ work?

By directing heat from any normal gas stove flame up through the pan, Stephen's Stovetop BBQ features true fire grilling, just like an outdoor grill. Openings at the bottom of the Base Pan direct rising heat up through the pan to cook food and heat the Grill Top. The Drip Tray catches juices and directs them away from the heat source, minimizing smoke and removing excessive grease from cooked food.

2. What is it made of?

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is constructed from a durable 3/32" gauge cooking-grade aluminum, with non-stick coating and hollow stainless steel handles.

3. Does this grill food like an outdoor grill?

Yes! Stephen's Stovetop BBQ cooks with direct heat from gas fire, so it gives food the same authentic flavor as an outdoor gas grill.

4. I have an electric or induction stove can I use Stephen's Stovetop BBQ?

Unfortunately, no. Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is designed to work exclusively with a gas stove top or range.

5. Why do you suggest cooking low fat foods?

Low fat foods are better for you and they create less smoke. One of the biggest causes of high smoke and flareups in outdoor grilling is high fat foods. This effect is greatly minimized with Stephen's Stovetop BBQ, but generally the less fat in your food, the less smoke production.

6. What's the difference between Stephen's Stovetop BBQ and any other grill pan?

Most grill pans are simply modified fry pans with ridges added for grill marks. Electric grills work in the same way, with no direct fire cooking.  Some others cook with fire from your gas stove, but they are either poorly built, cook with steam from a water dish, have uneven surface temperatures during cooking, or are messy and cumbersome to use. Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is the only product that offers easy flame-grilled food with low smoke and a high level of control.

7. How long does it take to cook a meal?

Preheat Stephen's Stovetop BBQ for at least 3-5 minutes, and cook time can be 10-20 minutes, depending on food and preference.

8. How long will Stephen's Stovetop BBQ last?

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is built from heavy grade aluminum and is built to last for years. With proper use & care to preserve non-stick coating, the lifetime of the cookware is unlimited. It also comes with a Two-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

9. Who makes Stephen's Stovetop BBQ? Where is it manufactured?

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is independently designed by Spice-Daddy & Co. in Los Angeles, CA and assembled and manufactured in China.

10. Are there any cleaning instructions?

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is designed to clean easily. Just soak in sink for 10 minutes and then wash with non-abrasive brush or included Cleaning Tool, or simply clean in dishwasher. Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is 100% dishwasher safe.

11. Is there any assembly required?

Stephen's Stovetop BBQ is made of 3 separate components. It is easy to assemble and instructions are included in the product manual.

12. What's the main advantage of having Stephen's Stovetop BBQ?

No more restrictions on where & when you can grill! Stephen's Stovetop BBQ gives you the freedom to grill anytime, regardless of the weather, time or available space outside.

13. I love the design of the product but I prefer cooking with other materials. Do you have any alternatives?

We are currently developing a stainless steel alternative to Stephen's Stovetop BBQ with a cast iron Grill Top. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates!