Stephen's Stovetop BBQ now has a Cast Iron model.

It is 20 pounds of metal. It is designed for serious Foodies,  Small Restaurants that want an increased menu selection and Food Trucks. Foodies will love the way it grills. The cast iron model can and does handle any heat. If you like the Ruth Chris style of steak - charred on the outside and raw on the inside, you can have have it.  For small restaurants, this is the ideal grill for you. Groove griddles do not give that barbecued flavor to foods. Stephen's Stovetop BBQ cast iron grill  does give food that wonderful BBQ flavor, which is only generated when grilling with fire. Small restaurants will benefit from having an increased menu selection for their guests. Food Truck owners will also find this Chef's Tool indispensable  because true grilling can be provided at a fraction of the weight of a total grill section for the trucks.  This grill is design for one 12 inch square burner zone. Chef's will appreciate the fact that it will not impinge on the other burners. The base can remain on the stove. Grill plates can easily rotate in and out, as needed.

The Cast Iron model is available Now!

portable barbecue grill.jpeg
Indoor barbecue grillpan.jpeg