Stephen's Gourmet Grill

Stephen's Gourmet Grill


Are you a home Gourmet Chef?  Do you have a Viking, or Wolf stove or any other high quality gas stove? If yes, then this stovetop grill for you. The Gourmet Grill utilizes the same grill plate, drip tray and heat transfer as the standard grill. The difference is the base. The Gourmet Grill's base flairs outward, thereby allowing more heat from a larger flame diameter. The base diameter is 11.75",  and has a sturdy 5 mm wall thickness. 

In summary, same technology, just a larger flared out base for bigger gas burners. 

Gourmet Chefs will appreciate the advantage this grill offers.  One year limited warranty. 100% dishwasher safe. NSF certified for home use.

  • Stephen's Gourmet Grill
    with Base Pan, Drip Tray and Grill Top
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Manual
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